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Hidden Dangers of Supply Chain Financing (SCF)

Per the WSJ:

"A "sleeping risk" on the books of U.S. businesses could be awakened by the pandemic, as the sudden cash crunch exposes a hidden type of financing that makes balance sheets look better, credit-rating firms are warning. The three biggest ratings firms each issued reports last month highlighting the dangers of supply-chain financing, a fast-growing, opaque technique for delaying payments to suppliers to improve cash flow."

Learn more about how Zurc Capital's SCF software app is designed to provide vendors with 100% transparency on what their customers' payment trends actually are, all while closing the billing cycle/payments gap. If Amazon is siphoning cash by stringing along its suppliers - and profiting handsomely on the payment latency by using a third-party app (like C2FO) - shouldn't its suppliers know to what extent? And if its customers are using SCF to disguise financial turmoil, shouldn't the vendor have some ability to sense trouble?

At Zurc Capital, we are equal champions of both customers and their vendors, establishing a level playing field - and genuine trust. Contact us today at (855) 488-ZURC and ask to speak with one of our Sales Managers, to learn more.

Or, read the full article here:

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