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Our Loan Covenant Builder (TM) App 2.0 is Now Live!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Based on dozens of client critiques, suggestions and lending partner feedback, Zurc has modified our classic, web-based Loan Covenant Builder (TM) App - now fully integrated and compatible with Oracle Netsuite, Quickbooks Online, Xero and Sage 50, and published version 2.0 for both existing and on-boarding clients.

Features now include:

  1. Dynamic pricing / facility / terms: Whenever a client modifies one parameter (such as APR, advance rate, borrowing base source, etc.), the credit facility size (select 'Range of Options' from the drop-down menu) and terms of repayment (also select 'Range of Options' from the drop-down menu) will responsively change to the values set by the client.

  2. Dynamic Quickbooks Online and Oracle Netsuite Integration: Whenever an existing or on-boarding client performs a live sync with their cloud-based Quickbooks Online or Oracle Netsuite data, the new financial data (if improved) will automatically calculate and post any new options or offerings previously unavailable to the client - in real-time!

  3. Covenant Builder App (TM) 2.0 is now fully functional on most mobile devices.

  4. NOTE: Existing clients must login to upload/download the new web-enabled Loan Covenant Builder (TM) App and update with the latest version (compatible with most Windows 10, Android or Apple devices and browsers). Also compatible with most VPN-enabled devices.

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