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Does Your Lender Cause Pain?

What to do when your business lending relationship is causing bigger issues than it was intended to solve. In this 15-part blog series, Zurc Capital will examine the various pain points described by our clients prior to making the switch to our Funding Covenant Builder (TM) lending platform. We will release 1 part of this 15-part series each month until October 2021. Here's a preview.

If you can answer 'Yes' to any of the below questions, it's time to find a better business lending relationship:

  1. Does your lender consume valuable time ordering unnecessary audits?

  2. Does your lender invent or impose seemingly arbitrary, ongoing borrowing base certificate revisions?

  3. Do you spend more time negotiating with your lender(s) than you do your customers?

  4. Does your lender ensnare you with miscellaneous fees or bank account withdrawals that were not previously made clear to you?

  5. Does your lender make you feel guilty for borrowing money?

  6. Does your lender make you feel like your business owes them a favor?

  7. Does your lender make you feel like you are the paying service provider, and that they are your client?

  8. Does your lender have you in a Catch-22, where the lending covenants, credit limits and finance costs are precisely the reason you cannot get your ratios in order?

  9. Does your lender have a split personality, with inconsistent messaging from one day to the next?

  10. Do the client-facing representatives you interface with daily give your accounting staff false information?

  11. Is the client-facing representative you interact with a professional with decision-making authority, or are they a human shield designed to evade accountability?

  12. Can you pick up the phone and call a Senior Manager directly during office hours?

  13. Was your experience during the sales process completely at odds with your experience as an active client?

  14. Has your financial services company run out of money, or are they simply unable to service your growth?

  15. Is your lender nothing more than a high-yield extension of a larger investments enterprise?

Revisit this space in July 2020, when our first entry in this series explores the first question posed above: "Does your lender consume valuable time ordering unnecessary audits?"

Controversy is invited.

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