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Small & Medium Business Financing with Freedom

Customized working capital starts here.


No Closing Fee Option   ~   Repay With Equity (Up to 20%)   ~   Pay Off Controlling Lenders

Choose Your Own Finance Structure with our exclusive Funding Covenant Builder (TM)*

Thank you for contacting us!  A Zurc Sales Manager will be in touch with you shortly.

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 * Use the               Funding Covenant Builder (TM) platform to take complete control of your working capital.  You set the terms - we simply help.


Credit facilities from $25,000 - $12.5 Million

Step 1: Free Business

Rating / Evaluation

Consult with one of our experts to

determine your best financing options. Feel at liberty to take the information at face value - it's not a sales pitch, and it won't cost you anything. Evaluate your position, and when ready, simply ask to be moved to the Sales Phase (Step 2).

Step 2: Online App

/ Get a Quote

Fill out Zurc's brief Online App (10-15 minutes) and get ready for a Zurc Sales Manager to reach out to you within 24 business hours. Sometimes, the Sales Manager will have enough information to send you a draft proposal during the call.

Step 3: Customize

Your Own Proposal

Use Zurc's proprietary Funding Covenant Builder (TM) to modify your draft proposal according to the terms you prefer. Depending on your financial position, P.O./project pipeline and historical sales, you may have a surprising range of customization options at your command.


Once you've made all your preferred changes, you publish, sign, and we disburse your funds!

What Our Clients Say

Maggie Kahn

VP Finance

"Working with the entire team at Zurc Capital has been nothing but seamless and straightforward. Zurc's funding and pricing options are easy to understand, and the level of flexibility really surprised me."

Carl McAllen

Founder & CEO

"Is it possible to leave a 6-star review (out of 5)?  Zurc's Loan Builder web App allowed me to calculate what loan and collateral structure would enable me to consolidate our various debts, and reduce our monthly payments." 

Alex Craft


"We didn't realize what a bad lending relationship we were in until we discovered Zurc.  Their Covenant Builder program put me in total control of crafting an asset-based funding facility that worked exactly as we envisioned, structured just the way we asked."

Whether you're growing your business, cash flowing projected work/orders, consolidating and re-purposing assets, trying to rein in your debt commitments, or just trying to fuel the trucks and meet payroll, Zurc probably has a solution for you. 
Funding facilities range from $25,000 to $12,500,000.

Ready to improve your cash position?

We will be in touch shortly!

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